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Steph Curry sets record with Game 7 performance during victory over Kingsa
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Steph Curry sets record with Game 7 performance during victory over Kingsa

The Warriors were unstoppable Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors on Sunday afternoon, as they cruised to a victory of 120-100 against the Sacramento Kings in Game 7 of their playoff series in the first round.

Curry not only Curry provide his all-round performance in the need-to-win game, he played a record-setting match.

Curry scored 50 points against the Kings to eliminate them from the playoffs. He also set the NBA record for the highest number of points in a game 7.

Curry made it to that point by scoring seven three-pointers, and dominating the game in every way. Curry went into the basket to score layups, dominated the pace of the game and was almost impossible to stop from behind the arc shooting shots from every part of the court.
Overall the team shot 52 percent from the floorwhich included 38% from the three-point line and added eight rebounds in addition to six assists.

The Kings were a fantastic story this season, and are one of the top team of the Western Conference all year, however their lack of experience was evident during the second half of the game. After taking a two-point advantage at the halftime break, Golden State completely took over in the second quarter and beat their Kings in 22-point increments in the last 24 minutes of regulation.

The Sacramento offense slowed at the midpoint of the 3rd quarter. They struggled to guard the ball and establish any rhythm in the offense. With Curry performing so well too it was too to ask the Kings to beat.

You have to be perfect to be able to compete with the best. You’ll have to be better when you are an all-time champion who has records-setting performances. There’s not much you can do in that situation.

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