Kumrat Valley is one such destination which has become popular among tourists in the past few
years. This valley wasnt very well known a few years ago, but now its easy to get to. We could
see hundreds of tourists from all over Pakistan coming to see the beautiful green fields and
spending time in the wild jungle.
The greenish layer of pine trees and the tall, huge mountains would make you lose your breath
when you see the hidden gem. Kumrat gets a lot of tourists from all over the world because of
its beautiful location and nice atmosphere.
Right through this guide, we will explain about the Kumrat Valley travel guide, discuss the
weather, hotel locations and much more.


Spring and summer are the two seasons to plan a Kumrat trip when the temperatures reach
around 20 degrees Celsius. These two seasons are the best times to visit the beauty of Kumrat

3100 metres above sea level is how high Kumrat Valley is. During the winter, it might not be
safe to go to Kumrat Valley because the temperature can drop to as low as -4 degrees Celsius,
which makes it snow.


If you want to plan a kumrat valley trip from Islamabad, Lahore, or Swat, you need to know the
routes and distances.
1.  Islamabad to Kumrat Valley
From Islamabad, kumrat valley trip is 390 kilometres away. It will take almost 8 hours and 45
minutes to drive to the amazing valley via AH1/M-1. From Islamabad, you have to take the Swat
highway to get to Chakdara.
After leaving the Chakdara toll plaza, you have to get to the Dir and Chitral road, which is good
for cars. After 3 hours of driving, youll reach where Dir and Kumrat meet. From there, you can
keep going to Baab-e-Kumrat, the gateway to Kumrat.
2.  Lahore to Kumrat Valley
The distance between Lahore and Kumrat valley is 705 kilometres. This takes around 12 hours
and 49 minutes to drive on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M2.

When you get to Islamabad, you can keep going by taking the Swat motorway and then to
Kumrat Valley in Upper Dir.
Service of cars for rent is also available at J&J rent a car to help you reach your destination with
ease. If are you looking 4×4 cars in this area so, rent a car lahore is good option for you.
3.  Swat to Kumrat Valley

If you want to take a trip to kumrat from Swat, you might have to take a path that is not on the
road. It takes 163 kilometres to get from Swat to Kumrat Valley.
Thal is the first town on the way to Kumrat Valley. You might need to hire a Jeep driver to take
you from Uttar to Thal. The trip to Kumrat Valley might look hard, but its a beautiful place to


1.  Kumrat valley Camping Pods

One new thing that the tourism department of Pakistan has added to the tourism industry is
camping pods. The government is in charge of these pods; you can book them before you go.
These pods have the basics, and spending the night in one will be a once-in-a-lifetime
2.  Panjkora Hotel & Resort
The Panjkora Hotel is a nice place to stay with a beautiful view. The hotel is on the bank of the
River Panjkora, which runs through the tall, dark Kumrat Mountains and has gorgeous running
The price of a stay at this hotel could get high because it has all the amenities of a resort and is
in a faraway place.
3.  Hotel Green Hills
This hotel is in Thal Bazar, which is in Thal, the village that leads to Kumrat valley. This hotel
might be a bit off the main road and far from the valley. But you might have to book a Jeep ride
every time you want to get from the hotel to Kumrat Valley.
Camping in Kumrat Valley
During the tourist season, there are many tent camps set up by locals in Kumrat Valley where
people can sleep and live.
You can get in touch with excellent services of the kumrat valley tour guide for easily finding
the perfect accommodation place.


1.  Is it safe in Kumrat Valley?
Kumrat Valley is a safe place to visit, and there is no need to worry about your safety there.
Many people from other countries have been there and said good things about the sights and
the services.
2.  When should you go to Kumrat Valley?
Spring and summer are probably the best times to go to Kumrat Valley. You might have to be
careful during the monsoon season because rain can cause the land to slide.
3.  Is Kumrat Valley beautiful?
For a long time, Kumrat Valley was hidden from the rest of the world and tourists. The valley is
still unexplored because many people in the area havent seen it all.

4.  How far is it from Swat to Kumrat Valley?
The distance from Kumrat to Swat is 163 kilometres. If you come from Kalam, you might need
to go to Utrar. The next step is to get to the small town of Thal, which is on the way to the


In the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa area, many undiscovered and hidden places look like heaven on
earth. And listing Kumrat Valley is among the top sites. A big part of the valley still needs to be
explored to find out what the mysterious lands hold and how beautiful our country is.
Pack your bags and head to this heaven destination right now!


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