11 Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

It is important to consider important aspects before remodelling the Kitchen. In order to avoid
unnecessary repair, you should take professional advice to steer clear of pricey blunders. In this
post, we are going to tell you the most typical errors while doing wardrobe fittings. Not only
specific areas, but every area of the kitchen is also covered by our ideas. This will include cup
handles and knob designs, finishes, and patterns. There is no need to merely splurge on
expensive materials to give your kitchen a beautiful appearance. As you know, the kitchen was
the focus of your considerable time, energy, and financial investment. In other words, it is said
that the kitchen is the centre of the home.
In this blog, you will learn about some of the most typical kitchen remodelling mistakes. You just
need to keep your attention so you can lessen the likelihood that things will get worse.
Things to Remember while doing Kitchen Renovation

1. Taking Up Room

It is suggested that even in large kitchens you need to design a compact work core to reduce
steps. But don't create unnecessary unused space in the room to prepare a meal. Choose the
locations where you can do meal preparation, dining, and family time. In addition to this, the
nook is the ideal approach to increase the flair without sacrificing a number of steps.

2. Making Kitchen Lanes

You may know that narrow kitchen aisles must be large enough to handle all of the activities.
With this, clearance becomes easier for multiple cooks to move around one another and
through the kitchen.
It is ideal that aisles should all be between 42 and 48 inches wide while planning a new kitchen.
This is important to prevent a collision between two chefs. Furthermore, consider placing
important elements like sinks and the range offset from one another.

3. Not Thinking in 3-D

If you think about 3-D your kitchen becomes attractive. But make sure that you consider the size
and placement of the doors, appliances, and cabinets while designing. Generally, ovens and
refrigerators frequently require a large clearance. With the perspective that to avoid creating a
crowded kitchen, you should take a walk through the area and design door openings.

4. Overpopulation and Oversizing

Supersizing an area is a bad idea because anything longer is difficult to navigate. Furthermore,
it is challenging to reach a centre that is deeper than 4 feet. A similar issue arises when an area
is crammed with dishes, baskets, and many more. So, it is advised that the storage does not
protrude past the countertop's edge.

5. Cluttering a Tiny Space

A little triangle works frequently better in a small kitchen. In order to create the greatest
makeover possible, keep your space in mind at all times. You have many options available for a
range of sizes and layouts.

6. Making Modifications After Work Has Started

In this modification, keep everything in order because of adjustments and delays along the way.
Give some time to do your research and consider all of your options before making a decision.
Check everything before the contractor is prepared to begin the installation. Even more, make
sure to confirm that everything has arrived.

7. Not Enough Storage is Planned

It is not feasible to just string up the boxes. No doubt, an effective design fits storage to the
objects utilised in particular regions. Additionally, there are several various storage alternatives.
They are open storage, wardrobe fittings, cabinets, shelves, cup handles, and more. You can
also take into account the remodel's objective. Keep the material simple in case you want to
pick glass door cabinets for a sleek appearance.

8. Ignoring Friends

Regardless of the size of the kitchen, anticipate friends and family to gather there. People
gravitate toward other people, so you don't want your visitors to be hanging out in the living
room while you're cooking.
People want to be 60 inches or less away from the host or cook. Whether it's a banquette,
island with seating, or corner nook, include interactive space in your new kitchen design.

9. Making rash design choices

As you know, materials may appear very different than they do in general. So it is better, never
make a major design decision before bringing sample materials. It is up to you whether it's for
flooring or countertop materials. Moreover, you can test the samples using lighting that can be
comparable to the new area.

10. Changes made upon remodelling

It is ideal, don't begin the kitchen restoration process if you are still unsure of the plan. This is
because kitchen fixtures, design, and many other things need to be altered to hasten the
process. Moreover, this will help you avoid having to make expensive revisions later.
Even more, you can avoid this issue by finalising your plan for kitchen makeover design. While
making a final decision check all necessary things before you start demolishing your old
kitchen's walls, worktops, and tiles.

11. Deciding on a white kitchen theme while ignoring alternative options

These days white kitchen theme is popular and timeless among users. It is important to make
sure the kitchen design, layout, and colour scheme complement your home. Moreover, it
represents your personality before committing to them.
It is good that house owners should always engage a consultant before choosing any kitchen
theme. So that you don't wind up with a theme that doesn't suit your kitchen's layout.

What Next?
There is a common mistake while remodelling their kitchen about dimensions. Finding the
correct dimension is crucial when remodelling your cabinets. If there is any issue, some
appliances need to fit tightly between your base cabinets. So, you should get the appliances
along with the corresponding cabinets. They are sink, fixtures, and other things you'll need for
the kitchen area.
Final Thoughts
To summarise, we hope the above-discussed aspect helps you a lot while remodelling the
kitchen. After implementation, opening cabinet doors and drawers could obstruct doorways and
paths. Always consider how and where everything in your kitchen will open, including cabinets,
drawers, cup handles, and the dishwasher. Also, how people will move through the space or
the layout easily.
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