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Saturday 27th May 2023
Imran Khan is an icon of fashion for Pakistanis everywhere.
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Imran Khan is an icon of fashion for Pakistanis everywhere.

Imran Khan is an iconic fashion icon for everyone and is a role model for the people who love them. Anything Imran Khan wears is fashionable for Pakistanis.

it’s likely that Khan’s latest fashion choices may influence the fashion preferences of his fans or followers. The fashion industry is always evolving and is influenced by many aspects like cultural trends as well as endorsements from celebrities and personal preferences in style. It is yet to be determined whether the logo that appears on the cuffs of Imran Khan’s kurta is going to become a trend for his fans in the near future.

In a recent ceremonies Imran Khan donned an kurta that had a logo on his cuff. This is expected to be the fashion of the century for the Imran Khan’s fans in the future.

Based on the concepts in the minds of the designers.On the day of Eid according to the ideas of the designers, this style will be seen on every in a kurta.

The emblem IK is a symbol of Imran Khan’s name. It will be visible on all the clothing of the people who represent PTI as well as Imran Khan’s fans in the near future.

Dress in Shalwar Kameez to Pakistan to be able to wear the national dress of Pakistan: PM imran Khan

PM Imran Khan has voiced his views during an event in support of The Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar initiative. He stated that he was content that Pakistan are beginning to communicate with the rest of the world in Urdu.

They want to be able to Pakistani people wearing salwar kameez.

In another context the man said he was recommending the salwar kameez. He would like the bank employees wearing the shalwar kameez.

Premier Minister Imran Khan believes that bank employees wearing traditional attire of shalwar kameez makes people feel less scared.

He made his comments when he spoke at the recent ceremony that was held to approve the loan to Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar. Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar initiative. Imran Khan, PM, said he was happy that banks in Pakistan have begun to communicate in Urdu with their customers.

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