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This isn't even counting the deals that come in often, and you will find different models of 3G
tablets that are much less expensive like the Iconia Tab from Acer with 16GB, which we
managed to get at under EUR170. Without obligation, the last few weeks here. It is then possible
to upgrade to the Orange package for EUR18 per month, which is the same as the offer from the
government and you will receive the Acer 10" 3G free government tablet with 16GB of memory
with a cost amount of EUR601.90, i.e. EUR118 less than the price offered by. Student.

Then, I told my self that the netbook would be an ideal option for students as it comes with a
keyboard, lets you use complicated software required for specific studies (Processing is one of
them, and these examples are evidently compatible with the software library for PCs) and it also
made printing directly without the need to use particular equipment or a different PC , as is the
case with tablets… I began looking for a suitable machine and settled on The Acer One 522 that
comes with HD 1280×800 screen with 1GB of RAM with 320GB of storage a sturdy AMD C-50,
an HDMI output, a six-cell battery, and Windows 7 Starter sold for 199.90 EUR at Fnac. With an
3G USB USB key priced at 1 EUR, and the same Orange subscription, we are at 633 EUR and
have an useful tool for students. If we take out 3G since the majority of amphitheatres in France
don't support 3G on their own and are covered by Wifi which is 199.9EUR for a highly efficient
student-friendly machine.
In the end the short version, the government's offer isn't very interesting It just smooths the way
for an investment that can be painful in the beginning, particularly in the event that you must
purchase the tablet.

But I think that the most damaging aspect is the argument used in the hands of government
officials to support the offer. In stating it is Internet access is a crucial part of the student
experience and the tablet isn't affordable and expensive, the government loses sight of the most
important aspect: The touchscreen tablet isn't the perfect tool for students. The studies require
an efficient solution like a laptop, the netbook, or a desktop computer. A device that has a
keyboard is one thing, but it is being able to print quickly without the requirement to purchase an
electronic printer as well… computers. Certain tablets are costlier than more efficient laptops, and
there are netbooks priced at around 200 EUR that are better suited to support a work students
than a tablet. 3G isn't an acceptable argument as it is an affordable option. It's more common to
be comfortable when using Wifi and WiFi hotspots to use than relying on 3G.
Lack of keyboards renders tablets a consultative tool rather than a writing instrument. Even if
university professors were to use a typewriter for their homework and displayed on the device I'm
skeptical that they would judge favorable the current influx of gadgets designed to browse. The
tablet lets you copy and paste data more than creating the arguments of your own. It's a
multimedia consultative tool, designed for leisure but not a comprehensive job tool, like a
traditional computer. What time will the sea kayaking cost be EUR1 to students? The hot air
balloon ride at just 1 EUR as well as the mountain bikes that is leased through the State.

We can recall a federal government investigating the flaws in the business model of the Crazy
George brand in 1996. being accused of profiting from the suffering of a few to produce butter.
The company advertised TVs, sofas and other washing machines to Rental with the option to
purchase at very, very low monthly prices, it proved to be far more expensive than making cash
payments. At the time The Minister for Trade and Crafts, Mr. Jean-Pierre Raffarin had applied
pressure to the sign in order to ensure that it would display the real cost of the deal at the close
of the month's last payment. Today, Laurent Wauquiez remains silent on the total cost of the
machine, preferring to make an public announcement that reveals a smoothed cost per day. He
does not examine the value of what Orange has offered to him. The company could have put in
an real effort by reducing its margins slightly to aid students, but at the end, it offers a poorly
written and concealed credit offer, accompanied by the government's justification. The rest of the
offer is ultimately found to be more intriguing and one can only wonder if this poor student market
isn't an already-designed cash cow to generate additional margins.
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